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Commercial Debt Collections

BSL provides our clients with strategic pre-suit collections and lawsuits. By partnering with BSL’s experienced commercial collections staff, clients expand their tool box to achieve maximum recovery of their unpaid A/R.

At BSL, we encourage our clients to develop robust internal procedures to exhaust all options for repayment of commercial debt before retaining BSL. When not successful, it is time to move quickly and retain an experienced commercial collections attorney.

BSL tailors our commercial collections services to the specific needs and budgets of our clients. 

National pre-suit services include:

  • skip tracing

  • demand letters on attorney stationary

  • negotiations with debtors 

National litigation services include:

  • lawsuits against debtors

  • negotiating settlements

  • securing judgments

  • bank and employment garnishments

  • levies (seizing) of real and personal property

  • replevins (returns of client property)

  • pursuing persons and companies who have received debtor assets to hinder, delay, and defraud creditors (fraudulent transfers)

Unlike collection agencies, BSL has the ability to quickly pivot from pre-suit collections efforts to judicial action. Harnessing the power of outside legal counsel increases the chances of repayment.

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