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Brad Singer Law, P.A.

Attorney Driven Debt Collections

Making credit decisions is challenging. Partnering with commercial collections counsel helps mitigate unexpected events and unsuccessful credit approvals so your CEO sees a healthy bottom line.  

Our Services

Our Services

Commercial Debt Collections

National commercial collections services provided. Pre-suit and litigation services tailored to the needs of our corporate clients. Contact us for current rates.

Commercial Litigation

Litigation services provided to businesses in need of protection from breaches of contract, unfulfilled surety obligations, lease defaults, and other commercial disputes.

Judgment Domestication and Enforcement

Recording out of state judgments and executing against judgment debtor assets. Services include skip traces, asset searches, debtor exams, garnishments, levy, and replevin. 

Attorney A/R Review

A/R reviewed by an attorney provided to clients. Services including periodic reviews, debtor investigations and collectability analysis. 


Subrogation services provided to property and casualty insurers. Sevices include claim analysis, investigation, pre-suit recovery, and litigation.


Coverage and liaibility counsel services provided to insurers and select corporate clients. Services include claim and policy analysis, and litigation services. 

Credit Decisions

Credit directors and managers are responsible for a company's credit cycle. 


Making credit decisions is not an exact science. Unforseen events can lead to high rates of unpaid A/R.

Ready to find out more?

BSL collects commercial debts and litigates nationwide for domestic and international clients.


Headquarters: Boca Raton, Florida.

(888) 346-1159
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